Friday, February 10, 2017

Sonnets: Writing Shakespearean Sequences

Sonnet Scenarios
  1. You (A) and your partner (B) are a part of an 80s hair band.  You have been singing power ballads to sold-out stadium arenas for decades.  You have become so close that you are like siblings.  However, you recently got into a fight over your love for the same roadie.  In the end, the roadie chose to pursue a relationship with B.  B wants to reconcile with A, but A is feeling the pain of love and wants to break up the band.
  2. You (A) and your partner (B) have been married for 25 years.  A wants a divorce so that she can find herself as she travels across the country as a bearded lady in the circus.  B also wants a divorce, of which A is unaware, because he can no longer stand his wife's unsightly body hair. 
  3. Sarah and Mike have been dating for about a year.  It is their last year of college, and Mike plans to propose to Sarah so that he does not lose her after their graduation/she moves back home.  However Sarah, who grew up in foster homes, recently found out that her "real" mother also is Mike's mother.  Sarah plans to break the news to Mike and to break off their relationship the next time she sees them.  
  4. Chuck has been looking for love in all of the wrong places for years.  Sick of his bad luck in love, he decided to go onto to find himself a gal pal.  After only a week, it seemed as though his luck changed, and he met Lena.  Lena responded to his message, and they immediately clicked.  Chuck plans to ask Lena to meet him next week.  However, Chuck does not realize that Lena is a Ukrainian scam artist who only is in love with the idea of getting a green card to live in the US.
  5. Pam is completely in love with Tony.  She is hoping that they can take their relationship a step further soon.  Unfortunately, Tony has no clue that he is in a relationship with Pam.  To him, Pam is an elderly shut-in, and he is her friendly, neighborhood telemarketer for an insurance company.  

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