Thursday, December 15, 2016

Grendel: Discussion and Minor Characterization


  • Grendel discussion of past chapters, review dragon posts
  • Intro to minor characterization
    • Know thyself journal
    • Wealtheow and Unferth group tasks (see forum)

  • Vocab quiz will be Monday
  • Complete group task on forum prior to Monday
  • Read chapters 8-10 for Monday and 11-12 for Tuesday
  • Be prepared to lead a discussion of your chapter on the day it is due for reading
    • You are in charge of 1 chapter
    • You need three open-ended discussion questions
      • No y/n unless followed up with a why or something like that
    • You need to have an idea of how you would answer the questions recorded with the questions.  These initial answers should include textual support.

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